We all know that the primary responsibility of every driver on the road is to drive SAFELY with full attention and focus on the road ahead. But, technology seemingly makes that responsibility only an afterthought. Drivers today can be seen weaving in and out of their lane of travel or paying absolutely no attention to the road ahead as they send out emails, text, talk on cellphones or listen to music. This extremely dangerous activity often results in a driver taking his or her eyes off the road just long enough to cause a horrific crash.

Get yourself an experienced automobile personal injury lawyer to protect your rights if you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a car crash! And, do it now!

Why? Automobile insurance companies love it when an injured motorist takes his or her time to take action and hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. The time delay gives the insurance company a head start in gathering evidence to help them deny you the compensation you deserve. The experienced personal injury lawyer knows exactly how to prevent this from happening by immediately taking steps to secure the following types of evidence:

  • The police crash report (also called Illinois Traffic Crash Report)
  • Crash scene photographs
  • Photographs of the damaged vehicles
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • Information downloaded from the event data recorder (EDR, or “black box”) in the negligent driver’s car.
  • The negligent driver’s cell phone records and other electronic evidence disclosing cellphone usage for talking, emailing, texting and listening to music just before the crash
  • Manufacturer’s records or recall information to determine if a defect in your car or the car of the other driver caused the crash
  • Your medical records and work records

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