There are many reasons why people are admitted to nursing homes. Some enter when they leave the hospital because they need skilled nursing care, medical services, and therapies after a surgical procedure, for example. However, nursing homes are also key providers of long term care for impaired and helpless seniors and other individuals who have serious functional or cognitive disabilities or medical issues.

However, a recent investigation conducted by the New York Times and Kaiser Health revealed that 1,400 nursing homes across the nation are understaffed and have fewer registered nurses than required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). By analyzing the payroll records of these homes, the reviewers found that many had days where some nursing homes reported they did not have a registered nurse on duty for at least 8 hours!

Furthermore, these investigators discovered that the time spent working by nursing aides was inconsistent, especially on weekends. Nursing aides are of critical importance for the safety and well being of nursing home residents because they help residents bathe, eat and take care of many other activities of daily living.

Multiple government hearings and reports have concluded that low staffing of qualified nursing aids has led to an increased risk of neglect and abuse in the nursing home setting. Low staffing and the environment of neglect (whether or not intentional) has been directly linked to helpless seniors and other residents suffering hip fractures from falls, bed sores, and significant weight loss to name a few. Appropriate staffing levels and appropriate supervision of nursing home residents are a must for there to be an end to these completely avoidable situations.

There is nothing more cruel and unacceptable than the neglect of a helpless nursing home resident. My own parents were in a nursing home for a short time. And, I have seen both the good and the bad when it comes to nursing home care. So, call me to discuss your concerns. I promise you confidentiality and the respect you deserve.

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