$8.8 Million

Landscape laborer suffered traumatic brain injury when hit by a school bus after dropping his two children off at school.

$6 Million

Paid by Chicago Transit Authority after its bus struck a 26-year-old woman walking home from work on Michigan Avenue. She developed complex regional pain syndrome in both legs. (Record for Illinois for this type of case).

$5 Million (Gross Jury Verdict):

Wrongful death of a 28-year-old woman who was struck and killed by speeding semi-tractor trailer on the Indiana Toll road near Portage County, Indiana.

$3 Million

Wrongful death of 50-year-old woman killed when her car was rear-ended by an intoxicated speeding motorist on Interstate 55 in Missouri.

$2.85 Million

Medical malpractice involving a four-year-old girl prematurely discharged from the ER who died from an undiagnosed bowel obstruction. Paid by a north suburban, Illinois hospital. [Lake County Record for this type of case]

$2.6 Million

Carpenters working at the McCormick Place project suffered serious injuries when their work tower collapsed.

$2.3 Million + waiver of $1.7 Million in medical expenses:

Malpractice involving a north suburban, Illinois hospital and anesthesiology group for injuries suffered by a 22 year old woman during the delivery of anesthesia while undergoing a routine gynecological procedure. [Lake County, Illinois Record for this type of case]

$2 Million (Jury Verdict):

Wrongful death of a 24-year-old, undocumented Honduran man killed by a speeding police squad in Waukegan, Illinois.

$2 Million

Painter who had his left arm traumatically amputated in a automobile crash when returning home from a job site (Insurance policy limits)

$1.8 Million

Product Liability involving a maintenance worker who lost his arm while servicing a conveyor system designed and operated by Federal Express at O’Hare Airport.

$1.75 Million

Wrongful death of 31-year-old man whose delivery truck struck the rear of a semi-tractor trailer illegally parked on the road without warning flags, flares or signage.

$1.45 Million

Carpet cleaner suffered severe complications after back surgery as a result of medical malpractice by his surgeon. Hospital paid $750,000 for its own corporate negligence.

$1.375 Million

Leg injury suffered by ironworker injured during construction of pedestrian walkway leading from the Art Institute to Millennium Park in Chicago.

$1.3 Million

Apprentice electrician suffered mild traumatic brain injury in car crash while on way to work site.

$1.25 Million (Settlement-6 months after incident):

Wrongful death of a US Postal worker struck by car while walking to post office to begin night shift (full insurance policy limits).

$1.2 Million

Injuries caused during a police pursuit in Hammond, Indiana.

$1.183 Million/Product Liability/Wrongful Death

Sign installer operating a vehicle mounted aerial lift inadvertently hit two buttons on the control panel at the boom tip. The boom suddenly elevated and crushed him under the eave where he was working.

$1.03 Million (Gross Jury Verdict):

ER nurse suffered severe ankle fractures while riding her motorcycle to begin her shift at University of Chicago Medical Center and was hit by a turning car.

$1 Million

Wrongful death of a single 62-year-old man killed when he alighted from a CTA bus, stumbled and fell to the street just before the driver pulled away into traffic. He left behind 4 adult siblings who had not seen him in nearly 2 years.

$1 Million

Paid by a North Suburban physician and hospital for failing to diagnose and treat breast cancer in 40 year old woman.

$1 Million

A young woman who was over-prescribed opiates by her physiatrist thereby causing addiction.


Wrongful Death of a speeding motorcyclist who had been drinking and was legally intoxicated who entered a road construction zone near his home and hit an unmarked vertical cut in the roadway. Survived by his wife.

$897,000 (Jury Verdict)

Sheet metal worker with severe pre-existing back condition suffered new injuries when he was rear ended by school bus operated by local school district. (McHenry County Record-Case settled for $920,000)


Wrongful death of an electrician working at a Chicago Transit Authority subway train washing facility at Midway Airport who was sprayed with dormant water and contracted Legionnaire’s Disease.


Semi-pro hockey player who hurt his hip during a bus accident.

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